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MFC CWnd::Attach

2003-12-08 03:36:39 PM
Hi there
I'm doing a clock replacement. So far the thing is going smoothly but I want to handle window drawings with VCL components like TWinControl and derivates.
I used to use in VC++ the MFC CWnd::Attach method. Is there any easy way to make the same.... or even better using VCL? override some methods and that kind of stuff?
Thanks in advance.

Re:MFC CWnd::Attach

On Mon, 08 Dec 2003 04:36:39 -0300, <konza[NOSPAMPLEASE]>wrote:
Anyway... since Englih isn't my native language. Could somebody post some keyword on how to find an articule to do this?
Sorry for my untested account (mail mangled).