Re: On-line Petition on C++Builder Future

2003-07-01 10:45:18 PM
I signed it despite the profanity, quite frankly I have to say, that I agree
with you. It will probably make a greater impact without
the profanity. However, I have to admit that I wholeheartedly agree with the
"spirit" of the statement. I'm frankly very disappointed in
how Borland has treated the C++ Builder community as the "backward child" in
their product line-up. ( I even had an argument with a friend last night
about this subject. I won't go into it here. ). The facts are that I'm
curious to see what $ for $ Delphi vs Builder makes for Borland. While I can
concede that Delphi may be better suited for writing components ( structured
environment and all ), I think that C++ Builder is an infinitely more
flexible mechanism for developing larger enterprise applications than
I really wish that Borland would speak straight and honestly about what
their plans for C++ Builder are. Do they think that we're ALL going to
suddenly migrate to C#. ( Yeah, right ! ). And honestly, charging $495 for
the professional build of C# is ridiculous, for the same $ you get the MS
professional and you get to build in C++, C# and VB ( not that any
self-respecting software engineer would be caught DEAD writing in VB. ).
And here's many people using Kylix are programming in Delphi
versus C++. Most of the folks that I know that "live" in Linux, wouldn't
touch pascal unless they were seriously PAID to do so. Why ? Because ( at
least in the US ), more folks program in C/C++ than Pascal ( No offense, Dr.
Wirth ).
The whole subject is frustrating.
"Anders Johansen" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
Sage Salvatore wrote:
>I plead that you assist me by signing my petition to Borland on
>BCB and providing it a bright future.
>The reasons and details behind this petition is provided in the link

While I sympathize with your views, I have no intention of signing a
petition that contains profanity. Not because I'm shocked (hey, I'm
Danish - we swear all the {*word*30}ing time :D ), but because it probably
detracts from the impact it might have had on the people you intend to
put preassure on. You might want to re-work the content somewhat ;)

Just a suggestion...

Anders S. Johansen