TDateTimePicker and DateTime 0

2005-06-21 06:22:32 PM
does anyone know, why the TDateTimePicker doesn't accept the 30th of
december 1899 at midnight (DateTime 0), when ShowCheckbox is set to false?
I find it kind of strange, that it doesn't accept this datetime, when
ShowCkeckbox is false, but with Checkbox there are no issues.
And when I'm setting the date inside the code (e.g. DateTimePicker1->Date =
StrToDate("30.12.1899");) there's an exception and the routine in which I do
this breakes and the DateTimePicker is showing the same date as before. When
I set it manually at runtime in the form there is also an exception but the
date (30.12.1899) is shown in the DateTimePicker.