TSpeedButton Issue: setting Enable property to false and receiving "Out of Resources" exception

2006-01-18 04:19:52 AM
I'm using TSpeedButtons as 'Prev' and 'Next' buttons to display records.
These buttons need to be enabled/disabled depending on the current records.
The problem I'm having is that occasionally I receive a "Out of Resources"
exception from the IDE de{*word*81}. Sometimes it ocurrs the first time a
button is disabled, while other times it happens after several cycles of
enable/disable. I also notice that the disabled (grayed) image displayed
on the speed button isn't consistent between different runs of the program.
This problem only started occuring when I began adding the code to
disable/enable th buttons, which is simply setting the "Enable" property to
true or false. The images for the buttons is asigned once during startup.
Has anyone experienced something similar for TSpeedButton Object?
Thanks for any help.
James OBrien