What is Classes.hpp for? in DLL usage

2003-07-15 02:21:25 PM
Hello everyone!
Hi, i have a question about a problem i recently had about include statements.
I have a project in BCB6, the main form calls a dll and has an include statement for the header file of the dll. All the paths are included with all the necessary things needed in using a dll.
Everything is going well. That is, until i created a new unit for a new Class. I included the same header file within the cpp of the this new Unit. And Boom! I recieve tons of errors like...
[C++ Error] shsmpdatimp.h(12): E2449 Size of 'WINAPI' is unknown or zero
[C++ Error] shsmpdatimp.h(12): E2141 Declaration syntax error
[C++ Error] shsmpdatimp.h(13): E2356 Type mismatch in redeclaration of 'WINAPI'
[C++ Error] shsmpdatimp.h(12): E2344 Earlier declaration of 'WINAPI'
When i added the line "#include <Classes.hpp>"
or the line "#include <Windows.hpp>"
the problem goes away...
My question is: why do i have to add these lines?
What's the purpose of using these statements?
please, enlighten me on this...
it took me and my friends a whole day to solve this problem and we still don't know why the solution is like this!