Re: Performance/optimising help sought

2003-09-06 07:19:20 AM
LOL don't expect Borland to save the world. Be happy when it works!
Try using g++ for Windows if you expect it is so much superior. You can get
it e.g. in the freeware Cygwin package.
The only thing you could try in Borland is to set the "Instruction set" to
"Pentium" under the "Advanced Compiler" tab in project settings, and make
sure that Code Guard isn't on ("CodeGuard" tab).
I've been using BCB for many years now. I have seen a worse compiles for PC
in the old DOS days with equally bad support, but they were usually for free
:-). I've tried to no avail to contact Borland/Inprise with feedback and
reproducable errors, but they are 100% silent.
The *only* reason I use it is because it gives me a nice and easy way of
building nice MMI apps in a hurry - I live with all there errors, {*word*99}y code
size etc.
/Jesper Bentzen
"FA" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
Hello all,
I am writing a music application. My intent is for it to be portable
Windows and Linux. The core is some DSP code that I've written in ANSI
On my Linux box compiled with g++ -O3 it runs well and takes about 30% CPU
when I compile with Windows things go awry. I have a dual boot on my box
am running Win95 I'm using C++ bulder professional with
options->project->C++ set to release which sets the -O2 optimisation. The
thing is that although my code compiled with no errors and it appears that
I've got all optimisation on it runs like a dog and hogs all of the CPU.

I can't believe that C++ builder is so poor compared to gcc and so I
that I've missed something - problem is I can't think what.

Any thoughts - this is driving me insane!!!