BCB version problems

2005-03-22 08:05:27 AM
I hope that this is the right group to post this on.
I used the trial version of BCB6 to build applications that used the
Window Media SDK. Once I had a implib-generated .lib file, BCB6 worked
fine. I didn't have any problems with the SDK.
Now, I am trying to use my copy of BCB4 Prof to build similar apps,
but I've had to edit the MS headers as well as define the GUIDS. I've
been copying my BCB6 code to build these apps in BCB4, but I've been
having problems with AV's when my code tries to release sinks, and
I've also had E_UNEXPECTED errors during calls to WriteSample.
Would the difference between BCB4 and 6 cause these probs ? In other
words, do I need to get BCB 6 to work with the SDK ?