ANN: Mailing list for users of ZieglerSoft Delphi/C++ Builder tools

We now have a mailing list for every user of a ZieglerSoft Delphi or C++
Builder tool. You can join the list be visiting our homepage at or and go to the
Delphi/C++ page

The idea behind this list, is to offer a forum for users of any
ZieglerSoft Delphi/C++ Builder tool (even people who only uses one of
the demo-versions can use this list).

You can use this list to discuss anything that are related to our
tools e.g.:

* Ask questions to ZieglerSoft
* Ask questions to other list-members
* Discuss the tools with other list-members
* Give ideas to ZieglerSoft for tool-improvements
* Give feedback to ZieglerSoft
* Bug-reports
* ......
* ......

On top of that, we will use the list to inform you of new tools for
Delphi and/or C++ Builder from ZieglerSoft, and other information we
think you should have.

Please keep the list free for any kind of spam!

We hope you will use this list as much as possible.

Once again, welcome to the list

Remeber: To write to the list, just send an email to this address:

If you have any questions, please write us. if it is private, you can
use this address:

Warmest Regards from Claus Ziegler,

ZieglerSoft                     Email:
Rughaven 25,2                         WWW:
DK-9000 Aalborg , Denmark                   Phone: (+45) 9811 3772