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Library Riddle

2006-09-19 12:14:20 AM
We were part of the BDS beta, and in the beta, my big program built and ran
Now that I'm using the release version of BDS, I'm having problems with my
app. Specifically, if I include a particular legacy lib in a particular DLL,
my application will not run, and an error dialog will tell me "the
application failed to initialize properly."
After mucking around with the lib a bit, I've learned the following things:
- the client dll includes maybe 10 such libs.
- if I add the lib and dll to a minimal program, it still breaks.
- the lib requires a page size of 128.
- the lib's compiled size is about 5 MB
- the lib calls functions that are defined in the dll that includes the lib.
- if I put similar code in a dll (taking out some dependencies), my program
initializes fine.
- the lib contains one very large class.
I can work around the problem, but I would really appreciate it if someone
could guess what might be breaking my lib, or suggest what I might try to
find the source of the problem.
Matt Lowe
Milsoft Utility Solutions

Re:Library Riddle

The answer: the client dll's project file had "use dynamic RTL" set, and the
library's did not.