Re: [CPPB5] Project replaces the program icon RESOLVED

2007-12-05 01:56:34 AM
I found one mention in the many articles that exist for this problem
that pointed me to one source module that had a '#pragma link' directive
that linked something called trayicon.obj, which apparently linked the
delphi-torch icon. Removed this one line and my application icon was
THANKS, David. Many hours wasted but this had to be fixed.
David Perkins wrote:
Search the archives for this problem and 'MAINICON'. From what I
remember, a duplicate MAINICON is being added somewhere.

>I removed the samples package from the project and rebuilt, but the
>renegade icon is still there. Thanks for the reply, though.
>David Perkins wrote:
>>>BCB5 has suddenly changed the icon for an application of mine I have
>>>been developing for years.
>>This used to happen to me when I used a component from the samples
>>tab. From memory, it introduces a MAINICON resource which overrides
>>the project selection.