Firebird and BDE to SQL Server and no BDE

2004-08-07 12:40:14 AM
We are just beginning to think about moving a large and mature
application from using FIREBIRD and the BDE to SQL Server without the BDE.
C++ Builder 6.0 Enterprise
Firebird Version 1.0
BDE 5.2
Our application uses TQUERY a great deal. Alot of the queries are
select statements from tables but also, alot are selects from Stored
Procedures. We also use cached updates quite frequently.
We currently have approx. 60 separate databases located in 60 different
locations (each with 1 to 10 users). Our goal is to move to SQL Server
and combine these 60 databases into one with approx. 150 to 200 users
accessing the database over the internet.
We know there are various methods of connecting to SQL Server (ODBC,
ADO, OLE, DBExpress, etc.).
We would be very interested in hearing anybodies experience with doing
something similiar to what we are planning on doing.
What data access method did you use and why?
How time consuming is this conversion?
Thanks in advance.
Todd E. Brasseur
COMPASS Municipal Services Inc.