Problem in BCB Memory Manager

2004-04-20 06:58:22 PM
Hi all!
It seems that i have a big problem in the bcb memory manager. I had
replace the original memory manager with a copy of the
because i want to extend the old manager. with this replacement i tested
a server application and after some hours the memory manager goes
inconsistent. it removes a free block (48 bytes) in the small tab but it
doesnt remove it from the linked list from the big blocks!!
I got an heap error 14 ( BadBalance ).
The original intern manager works correct, but when i replace it with a
not changed copy of the this error araises.
The method where i setup the new manager has the startup pragma 0. so
the manager should be replaced as soon as the application starts.
so anyone here who knows from such a bug in the memory manager, or
has an idea what i can do?