Properties lost for references... reply

2004-07-03 02:18:53 PM
"Remy Lebeau (TeamB)" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
>Is the data module being created before or after the form?
Excellent question (i would think the problem lies there),
However, I don't seem to have a say in that.
I have created a few components that display a message in the ctor. These
components, placed on the Form1 and on the DataModule are created in
different orders each time I open the project and i don't know if the module
containing the components (Form1 or DM) are fully created before the
module's components are created (i would think so).
note: When I close the Form1 module and leave the DM 'open' (i.e., visible
in the IDE) before closing the project and then re-open the project, only
the DM is created. Then, when I open the Form1 (using Ctrl+F12), the Form1
is created and the properties referencing components on DM are set
correctly. This means that, before closing a project i have to close all
forms... and forgetting to do so...