Labeled Controls

2004-06-23 06:53:31 PM
I have made some Labeled Controls by adding TBoundLabel to a TMaskEdit,
TDBEdit, TDateTimePicker and TDBLookupComboBox. The LabelPosition in all
cases is lpLeft and the LabelSpacing = 9. When I add a text in the caption
of the label the text appears correct for TMaskEdit and TDBEdit (at the left
of the control en left aligned). For the controls TDateTimePicker and
TDBLookupComboBox the text appears at the left but is right(!) aligned and
is then hide by the main control.
TBoundLabel does not have a property Aligment, depending the LabelPosition a
Labeled Control calculates the position of the label (see code in
ExtCtrls.pas for TLabeledEdit).
Does somebody know how to fix this?