Re: Component Design-Time Debugging: MalformulatedURLException/Attach Process

2005-08-07 05:55:40 AM
Hallo Craig and everybody,
It is normal to see several exceptions at IDE startup when
under a de{*word*81}. You can just step past them. Depending
on the version you have, the de{*word*81} options offer the
ability to filter certain types of exceptions which may
help (e.g. you might be able to say "don't break" for certain
o. k., but even when I ignore these excpetions I don't get
a second instance of the IDE running (loading the component ->
setting the Host Application to ...\BCB.EXE ->RUN).
First, the IDE now complains a missing "Vclmid50.". Of course
I don't have that package because I have only the prof. version.
That was the reason I disabled all other packages. Then the second
instance is only loaded partly (I see -translated- "No Response"
in the Task Manager) or nothing happens.
So I tried to start a second instance manually. That worked (some-
times). The situation is as follows:
- Package for debugging installed, compiled with all Debug-options
on and "Use debug libraries" checked (no difference). Debug-Path
set to component and BPL-directoty.
First Instance: Second Instance:
- Starting
- Package Project opened
All unnecessary packages are disabled
- Breakpoint set at the constructor
of the component
- Starting
- Attaching to second instance
[RUNNING] shown
- Placing component
- Hoped that the breakpoint
is triggered, doesn't
The green dots for valid
code-lines aren't shown
during running
Any hint?
Thanks and greetings