exception handling gathering the IP address.

2006-07-09 07:18:40 AM
I am tyring to the following:
try {
do something that causes an exception
} catch (Exception &e)
i_strcpy(errstr, "");
TObject *ExceptObject = new TObject();
ExceptionErrorMessage(ExceptObject, ExceptAddr, errstr, 256);
sprintf(str, "exception from thread(%s):%s, Message=%s",
curr_thread->id_str.str, e.Message.c_str(), errstr);
e.Message.c_str() gives me the fact there was an access violation.
errstr gives me the fact there was an exception. But the ip address
reported in this string makes no sense.
I have tried just about every sysutils function I can think of an none
seem to give me a ip address.
How might I get this import address information.