[Ann] 25% Discount on all Team Coherence Modules

2004-10-28 05:53:36 AM
25% Discount on all Team Coherence Modules
Until the 7th of November 2004, all modules of Team Coherence have been
reduced in cost by 25% if purchased through our partner RegNet. This offer
applied to all editions of
Version Manager
To receive this discount, enter the following coupon value when ordering
through RegNet:
The RegNet order links can be found at:
What is Team Coherence?
Team Coherence is a flexible and cost effective solution that helps to
manage projects for all sizes of development teams. Depending on your needs,
you can start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool for as little as
$149. As your needs or development team grow, Team Coherence will grow with
you. Add issue tracking and build management at any time, or extend
functionality with the built-in API.
For more information, visit:
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Quality Software Components is a UK based company specialising in tools for
software developers. Their stated aim is to provide tools of the highest
quality at a reasonable price. Quality Software Components is currently
headquartered in Stirling, Scotland.
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