Ann: NexusDB Developer Edition 2.01 update Released

2005-07-28 07:26:54 PM
Following upon our recent release of NexusDB version 2 Developer Edition, a
maintenance update 2.01 has been released. A number of recently reported
issues were fixed, and programmer tools were improved. Please see
our website for detailed info on our products; trial
download links below.
NexusDB v2 is a royalty-free Client/Server and Embedded database system with
features that rival other heavily licensed products. With NexusDB v2, you
can keep your costs down and your competitive advantage up!
* High-speed extendible database core architecture
* SQL:2003 core compliance syntax and features
* SQL triggers
* SQL stored procedures/functions
* SQL views
* Referential Integrity, including self-referencing
* Full locale/unicode support
* Nested transactions
* Non-blocking "Snapshot" read-only transactions
* Fulltext indexing
* Global/Session-local/Context-local In Memory tables
* Flexible Delphi component architecture
* Strong Password-protected table encryption
* Embedded tables (multiple database tables in one physical file)
* Variable-length record storage engine reduces storage need
* Embedded mode allows you to compile the engine directly into your
single-user program
* Includes NexusDB Memory Manager v3 for use in your own projects
More detailed featurelist and comparisons can be found here:
Trial versions can be downloaded here:
Eivind Bakkestuen
Nexus Database Systems