ANN: Scripter Studio v2.8

2005-02-23 05:17:03 PM
We're happy to announce the availability of Scripter Studio v2.8 at
With Scripter Studio, users can build applications will full Basic or Pascal
scripting capabilities, script edit & debug support and even full scriptable
form designing with the Greatis ( )
form designer & inspector integration supplied.
Screenshot of script IDE:
What's new in v2.8
- New : Script file libraries system: now it's possible to use other script
files by declaring the files in the uses clause. This feature is enabled by
LibOptions.UseScriptFiles property
- New : Script file libraries works with source files and p-compiled files
- New : LibOptions property allow settings of script file libraries system.
Search path can be defined, as well the default extensions for the source
files and compiled files.
- New : Added a samples subdirectory in "ide" demo with "newversion.psc"
which illustrates script file libraries usage.
- New : Form scripters are now aware of components of the form (not only the
- Smaller fixes & improvements
A fully functional trial version for Delphi 5,6,7,2005 & C++Builder 5,6 with
lots of sample applications can obtained from
CBuilder Developers can obtain the free update after login on our website
Kind regards,
Bruno Fierens
TMS software
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