Ann: RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software version 1.8.5!

2005-09-07 01:17:25 PM
SiComponents is pleased to announce the release of our award winning
RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software version 1.8.5!
RegKeeper is a straightforward, inexpensive database-driven e-sales tracking
software application packed with handy features like an overstuffed
sandwich. RegKeeper tracks sales generated by own e-store or third-party
resellers, comes with support for chargebacks and refunds black list, e-mail
processing/filtering, order import, rich reporting options, sales history.
RegKeeper is e-sales provider independent. This means the product could be
used to accumulate and analyze sales data for multiple stores/sales
channels. For example, RegKeeper can track goods sold by e-tailers in their
own websites, on eBay auctions, Yahoo!Stores and Amazon's Merchant accounts,
ShareIt, RegNow, PalmGear and other e-sales providers. The program can
import data by simply processing order confirmation e-mails. Since RegKeeper
can log into POP3 server on its own, the entire process of e-sales tracking
can be automated. RegKeeper's rich reporting options make it easy to create
charts, graphs or comprehensive reports about popular items, buyers'
geographical distribution, seasonal peaks and bottoms, average purchase size
or any other data stored in the database. In addition, RegKeeper helps
merchants keep in touch with their clients by offering options to send
newsletters, promotional e-mails or notifications updates/new releases.
While it can be used to track any sales, this product has been specifically
designed for software and shareware companies. If you are looking for a fast
and simple way to automatically track e-sales, RegKeeper is a natural
RegKeeper home page at
What's New page:
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Single user license costs $99.00 and can be purchased online from