ANN: TMS Grid Pack v2.9 released

2006-06-06 04:18:02 PM
We'd like to inform about the availability of the new TMS Grid Pack v2.9
release at
The TMS Grid Pack for VCL / VCL.NET includes the feature-rich
TAdvStringGrid, a DB-aware version TDBAdvGrid, a grid with spreadsheet
functionality TAdvSpreadGrid, grid with column based property organisation
TAdvColumnGrid and a multisheet TAdvWorkBook. With the included
TAdvGridExcelIO, native XLS file import & export is possible while with
TAdvGridRTFIO, native RTF file generation is possible. Over 80 sample
applications are available to show the extensive range of features
What's new and improved:
In TAdvStringGrid v3.4.0.1:
- New: Office 2007 Luna & Obsidian styles added
- New: AddAdvProgress, RemoveAdvProgress & grid.ProgressAppearance for
adding sophisticated progress bars in grid
- New: AddCheckBoxColumn, RemoveCheckBoxColumn procedures added
- New: property Gradients[col,row] to set gradient direction per cell
- New: public property LoadFirstRow added to control loading first line with
LoadFromCSV(), InsertFromCSV()
- New: method grid.SortSettings.Remove to immediately remove sort indicators
- New: SelectedRowCount, SelectedRow[i]: boolean; interface for more
convenient access to disjunct selected rows
- Improved: keyboard scroll behaviour with SearchFooter visible
- Improved: RowModified is persisted when grid is sorted
- Improved: disjunct cell keyboard interface : ctrl - space + space to
- Improved: MouseActions.RangeSelectAndEdit behaviour
- Various smaller fixes & code improvements
In TDBAdvGrid v2.1.0.0
- New: Added SaveColumnPositions, LoadColumnPositions
- Fixed: issue with AutoCreateColumns for runtime dataset changes
- Improved: unicode editing
In TAdvColumnGrid v3.1.0.1
- Fixed: issue with AdvanceOnEnter & hidden columns
- Fixed: issue with LoadColumnPosition
- Fixed: Bands color handling & cell property settings
In TAdvSpreadGrid v2.1.1.6
- Fixed: issue with AllowSmartClipboard formula modification during
clipboard actions
Fully functional trial versions for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006 & C++Builder
5,6,2006 are available at
CBuilder Developers can obtain the update free after login on our website.
Kind regards,
Bruno Fierens
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