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PaintBox, The best resources !

2005-04-20 03:12:54 AM
Hi ! Do anyone know a greate site with the easiest and the most inteersting
samples about TPaintBox?
or something like TPainstBox?
I want to develope a project contains a part to create pictures...

Re:PaintBox, The best resources !

maybe there is no resource on the net?

Re:PaintBox, The best resources !

Grety wrote:
maybe there is no resource on the net?
You are asking for TPaintBox. But you would draw on a TCanvas.
It does not matter if the TCanvas belongs to a TForm or a TPaintBox
of a TImage or what component.
So if you want examples of how to draw on a TCanvas with
functions as MoveTo(), LineTo(), FillRect() and so and
properties Brush, Pen and so then you have to look for them.
You can find many examples in this newsgroup.