Re: Different Button Problem

2006-11-09 06:55:29 PM
"Hans Galema" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
If you take an application with one form, run it form the IDE,
and then Hide() that, the application is not closed.
It is not supposed to be. Hiding the MainForm does not terminate the
application. You have to close the MainForm to do that.
Running such an application outside the IDE and using Hide()
removes it from the applicationlist but it stays in the processlist.
There are third-party tools to show hidden windows. I use Win-Res-Q myself.
In the latter one is yet able to change the .exe file.
You can attach the de{*word*81} to the running .exe, then stop the de{*word*81}.
That will kill the running process.