Re: Changing the window class name during run-time (just prior to formcreation)

2008-02-14 09:17:59 PM
I would like to re-phrase my original question. Perhaps this will make
things clearer...
During run-time I create several instances of the same TForm
CounterWindow[0]=new TMyCounterForm(NULL);
CounterWindow[1]=new TMyCounterForm(NULL);
CounterWindow[2]=new TMyCounterForm(NULL);
Now, I would like for each of the created forms to have a unique Windows
Class Name (now they all have 'TMyCounterForm').
The reasons for this is that when they all have different class names, I
can enable another separate executable to find these windows:
For now, all 3 windows have the 'TMyCounterForm' window class name and
consequently FindWindowEx (NULL, NULL, "TMyCounterForm","") is only able
to find one window. I would like to get handles to all instances of my Form.