Dynamic web applications discussion

2004-05-14 07:28:51 AM
I hope to talk with other Builder students and more experienced users with
what they use to develop web applications. I spent alot of time lately
reasearching and would like to share what I know as well as learn from
I myself decided to leverage what I've learned and chose Builder instead of
Perl, ASP, PHP. Does anyone have any kinds of thoughts on this?
I did download a component suite, www.cgiexpert.com, that allowed me to make
reliable, fast cgi very easily because it has classes and member functions
that are very well thought out and very easy to use. I made cgi but you can
make faster isapi (load once vs load during each call) applications as well.
Drawback is that it supports only Windows environment, no Linux :(
There is another very interesting suite that I read about called IntraWeb.
I have not tried it because it is too expensive for hobbyists but it looks
like an even better way to make dynamic web applications. I think that it
comes with Delphi but not with Builder. Anybody using? Thoughts?
I looked over Websnap docs but have not tried it since it looks like too
much work but I may be wrong. Anybody here using?
Does Indy have cgi support classes to make cgi easy. From what I see, it
appears to be a powerful 'low level' library not geared for cgi.