TD32, File|Attach, No Symbol Table

2003-10-20 12:06:20 PM
I've been trying out the (amazingly fast) command line tools and TD32.
I've been working on a program which is a filter, and I wanted to find a
way to debug it in a pipeline. So what I tried was launching it without a
cat data | myprog
and I've modifed it temporarily so that it pops up a messagebox when it
starts up, giving me time to run td32 and attach to it using File|Attach.
However when I do this it says 'No Symbol Table Found', and I can't do
source level debugging.
I compiled using the -v switch and I can single step though my program at
source level when running it in the normal way (e.g. td32 myprog.exe), so I
am guessing that I have built with debugging information correctly, or did
I miss something?
Any idea what I could be doing wrong?