Re: BCB6 Access violation

2003-08-26 08:58:56 PM
Hi Tom,
Did you try to run just builder (IE not double clicking on the
project icon or group icon in explorer)? I have found that sometimes I
cannot open projects directly for this reason, and I have to resort to
opening builder independantly and then loading the project. Usually
when you re-save the project the problem will go away for me, so I
hope it does so for you.
Tom < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message news:<mZTZzjC5QeS$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >...

To get started (newbie) I typed in a very simple c++ console application
into c++ builder. It run ok without problems and I shutdown my pc when
finished. Next day when I restart the pc I find that I can't even get
into the ide. I get the message:

Access violation at address 0053FE88 in module COREIDE60.BPL. Read at
address FFFFFFFF.

I downloaded the update 4 from Borland which makes no difference. I'm
using version 6 pro student edition on win98, P3-700, 128Mb.

I've had a look round the net and found similar problems with Delphi but
not for c++ builder. Anyone got any ideas?