TeamB! please help ! Remote Debug with BDS 2006 !!!

2007-05-08 03:03:59 PM
I have to use remote debugging, because of Hardware!
I changed from cpp Builder 6 to BDS 2006. But I can not find a way to
use Remoete de{*word*81}.
in BCB 6 I do it as follow:
Start ->parameter ->Extern: "extern pfad" and "extern host" and set
"debugging on extern system" to true. Compiled it press F9 and
applicatiopn runs on Remote Device.
realy easy to do that.
But how can I do it with BDS 2006?
my Target Operationsystem: XP Professional ->No Firewall, no AV
my Develop PC: XP Professional
IDE: BDS 2006 Professional 10.0.2558.35231 Update 2.
in the linker option I can not find the (Run|Parameters|Remote)
1. under Run|Parameter, I have just De{*word*81}, and no Remote!!.
2. Project|Options|Linker
Include remote debug symbols box must be checked.
I can not find this option in linker!!!
what is wrong?
I switched back to BCB6, because I can not use remote Debug with BDS 2006.
Is it possible to press F9 and start the Application on a remote computer?
Is it possible to run the de{*word*81} as a service?
thanks for your help