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Problem TMainMenu

2005-08-19 04:24:02 AM
we try to use TMainMenu in the following manner:
- An ActiveX control component is placed on the form
- A TMainMenu component is placed
When the program runs the menus of the ActiveX components become visible.
So far OK.
Now we want to add an additional Menu Item behind (!) on the right side
the ActiveX controls menu.
All attempts with a Groupindex higher than the ones of the ActiveX (7 in
this case) or with merging failed.
It is only possible to show an additional Menu item at the beginning on
the left , so that the ActiveX menue items follow after the added menu item.
Are there any hints what we can do ?

Re:Problem TMainMenu

JD schrieb:
Thomas < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:

>we try to use TMainMenu in the following manner: [...]

I read your post several times and have no clue what you are
asking and I submit that the lack of responses to your post is
indicative that I'm not the only one.

I suggest that you rethink what it is that you are asking and
post again, starting a new thread.

~ JD

Thanks,JD, I will do so.