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Linker doesnt see my .lib file

2008-04-28 07:49:46 AM
I created a static lib with several units in it (.dfm,.cpp, .h)
It compiles and seems fine, producing the .obj files and TLIB produces
the .lib file (though i must admit the .lib seems gigantic for only 20
simple forms (10MB) - it needed a pagesize of 256 to succeed)
Now, in the same project group, I have an app that includes the .h
headers from the lib, and uses the forms from the .lib
It compiles fine, but the linker doesnt link - its like it doesnt see
the .lib
'Fatal: unable to open file TMYDIALOG.OBJ' where TMyDialog is one of
the units in the lib
I have added the lib to my app project, and its path to the .lib
directories but no luck
The only way I can get it to link and run is to add the path to
the .obj files in my application directories as well - so it links
with the .objs instead of the .lib.
Any idea why it can't see the .lib?
BTW - Im not using RTLs for either the lib or the app.

Re:Linker doesnt see my .lib file

The odd thing is that the linker can link in (during the same app link
process) other .libs that I have created, though they are smaller, and
contain no forms, just cpp + h files as source.