Help Files Language

Why is it that all of the help files for the ActiveX components use
either Pascal or
Visual Basic in there examples.  Perhaps it is just me, but I though C++
was a C++ product.  Maybe I'm just being silly (or naive).

I find it difficult to use a component, like TChart, when not even the
prototypes are
in C++.  Now I have to figure out how the Object Pascal translates to
C++.  This is
a standard component.  At least I knew that the components under the
ActiveX panel
were ActiveX controls before trying to use them.  I didn't know that
TChart was until
later.  Even if you try to translate something directly, it doesn't
always work.  eg.
the Graph Control:  in the help, ThisPoint and ThisSet have the datatype
of Integer.
Than why can't you use an integer with them.  If you try, you get a
warning that you
will "lose significant digits".  While this doesn't affect the program
-- it is annoying.  You
have to cast your integers as a float(?) to get rid of the message.

Does anyone know of a resource (at Inprise or otherwise) for some
of these components that at least have prototypes in C++, if not

Jason Bridgman

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