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Linker error under XP Pro

2003-11-12 03:27:27 AM
I don't know if this is the correct group but will have a go. I write GUI
programs encapsulating Windows API in c++ classes and it works fine on my
machine with W2kp - I have Builder 6 pro. When trying to write the same apps
on my machine with Windows XP Pro I get a linker error Fatal: filename
expected. I get this error even if I only put MessageBox(0, "text", "text",
MB_OK) in the skelton I get by pushing File/New/Console Wizard and marking
c++ and vcl. The Project (linker) options on the two machines are identical.
Any answers? greetings hans

Re:Linker error under XP Pro

On your Windows XP machine, does your path (either for the project or
C++Builder) contain non-alphanumeric characters? If so, remove them and try
again. That's the most common cause of this error.
-- YH --