Setting a Financial Chart in Chart FX FE

I'm currently running ChartFX in C++ Builder  platform and I really find it
quite difficult to obtain online
resources regarding this topic. I hope you would be so kind to give me an
idea about a certain problem I have with the topic.

I want to initialize my chart into an Analytical Chart so that it displays
the Studies menu in the default page. According to the Chart FX API:
"If you want to initialize Chart FX FE in a particular financial chart, use
this property in conjunction with the Chart FX Gallery property as follows:

   ChartFX1.Gallery = FinExt.GalleryType(CHART_ANALYTICAL)

If you invoke the Chart FX Gallery property as follows:

   ChartFX1.Gallery = CHART_ANALYTICAL

The constant associated with CHART_ANALYTICAL is 4, which, in Chart FX 98
corresponds to another chart type. This is why you must let the GalleryType
property make the conversion to a Chart FX type when you want to initialize
the chart to a certain financial chart."

Since I'm using Borland C++ Builder, I have this following line of code to
interpret the above statement:

  ChartFX1->Gallery = FinExt->get_GalleryType(CHART_ANALYTICAL);

But it reports an EAccessViolation Error. Please help!

Thank you,

Jonilie L. Echavez
iDS Finance, Philippines