Using/Modifying standard VCL files


I need to use a patched version of the comctrls.pas file, the problem is if
I modify the normal one it will get overwritten by any future patches.  So I
copied it to my project folder and added it to the project.  That has worked
fine for ages but now i'm getting the following error which I can't figure

[Pascal Fatal Error] pasall.tmp(1): File nto found: "System.pas"

it opens a page for the file "pasall.tmp" containing:

program pasall;
  Uses comctrls in 'D:\Programming\C++\MyProject\comctrls.pas'

How can I fix this, or does anybody know a better of getting the patch to
work?  Can I use a define or something to include the change instead of
modifying the file.

T.I.A  Woody.

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