Serious Bug with include form other drives!

we are a development group and share some files in our internal
network. We are using BCB4 Upd.1. Now it's the Problem, that BCB sets
the used path in the *.BPR file with a backslash at the end of the
include line (only when i use a file form another drive!!) But the
backslash is in bpr a sign for linewrap! So my project crash and is
unusable. Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround? I found a
report on Bug List of Borland. But it's a message from 1/29/99 and old
i think....nothing happens?

J?rn R?gner

Area: ide\project management
Reference Number: 301

Status: Open
Date Reported: 1/29/99

Severity: Serious

Type: Crash


After adding an .RC file from another directory every
time you hit OK in the Project Options dialog a line
in the makefile is deleted.  Every OK causes the
next line after PATHRC in the project file to be

[note this might be a more general issue of
dir paths being placed in makefile with a trailing
backslash (line continuation character) but I could
only reproduce the makefile corruption with
PATHRC settings, cbf]


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