Can i load a saved QuickReport via code??

  i am using Quick Reports 2.0k that ships with CPPB Pro, and would like to
programmatically load a saved "*.qrp" file.

  i have tried using TQRPreview component with the following code:
MyQRPreview->QRPrinter->Load("myqrpt.qrp"), even various permutations of the
same code with a TQucikRep directly, but just can't get it to work.

   i checked out QUSOFT's site, and there seems to be a mechanism whereby
this can be done (QUSOFT says they have a "BONUS" unit for upgraders that
makes it easy).  but in light of the prevailling view regarding QuickReports
i doubt i'd be doing myself any favours by upgrading.

  anyways, if anyone can help, it would be MUCH appreciated;