Accessing IE Document Object within embedded ActiveX

I'm developing an ActiveX control (actually an ActiveForm) that will live in
a web page.  I'd like to get at the IE document object, but first I've got
to get the container (IE) object.  Here's what I'm trying:

void __fastcall TActiveFormX::ToolButton1Click(TObject *Sender)
  CComPtr<IOleClientSite> pClientSite;
  HRESULT hr = GetClientSite(&pClientSite);
  if(SUCCEEDED(hr) == S_OK && pClientSite)
    CComPtr<IOleContainer> pContainer;
    hr = pClientSite->GetContainer(&pContainer);


I'm getting the following error:

[C++ Error] ActiveFormImpl1.cpp(669): E2268 Call to undefined function

"Your source file declared the current function to return some type other
than void in C++ (or int in C), but the compiler encountered a return with
no value. All int functions are exempt in C because in old versions of C,
there was no void type to indicate functions that return nothing."

This is my first try at COM/ActiveX - Java is my usual gig.  With that in
mind, any ideas would be appreciated.


Kelly Harrison,
NetMediaOne, LLC