Package & etc

Why project manager allways shows 'ProjectGroup1' even
I have own project group with diff name? I've created project
grp, add some projects, but after restarting IDE project manager
window shows all my project nodes under 'ProjectGroup1' main

I've created a package with some public classes (not VCL control/comp).
To export classes I added 'PACKAGE' in class declaration. Am I doing
right? And I've used TLIB to see inside my package import lib (may be static
lib, I forget) and TLIB shows warning like: 'something' in module 'M0'
with module 'M1'.

I've got 3 messages with something is AnsiString's constructor or TStreams's
and one more destructor. All this objects are used in my units. And that
is between my own units, there's one empty unit (with DLLMain) created
automatically when
new package was opened and that unit contains 2 my own units with my
exported classes.
Linking was without any warning. Where did I do mistake?