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Help me please - threaded serial communications


I am new to C++ builder and I am using V1.0, standard edition.  I have been
trying to implement threaded serial communications so that I can talk to an
embedded controller at 9600 baud (direct connection).

I have found a C++ Builder serial code stub on the net, but the example I
located was not complete and I am too green to get very far on my own. I
have also tried some buggy freeware serial I/O components that did not
compile and/or work.

So, do any of you kind soles have a simple V1.0 project file that has
implemented RS-232 based threaded communications that you could send me?  A
working example would really jump-start my project!



Re:Help me please - threaded serial communications

I just realized that I posted this topic in the wrong area. I will move it
to cppbuilder.language.


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