ANN: eDocEngine + PDFtoolkit Special offer - 9 DAYS REMAINING

2004-01-23 09:18:27 PM
A special thank you to all who tried our products, gave us good feedback and
purchased it. We are really encouraged by the number of developers eager to
use our technologies.
9 days remain for the close of the special offer on Gnostice eDocEngine and
Gnostice PDFtoolkit.
eDocEngine Professional is now available for $249. SAVE $100.
PDFtoolkit Professional is now available for $249. SAVE $100.
eDocEngine Professional + PDFtoolkit Professional Bundle is available for
$349. SAVE $150.
You can now purchase an UNLIMITED Server Deployment License for just $999.
To purchase licenses of eDocEngine, please visit:
To purchase licenses of PDFtoolkit, please visit:
Source Code at NO additional cost: The Registered edition of eDocEngine and
PDFtoolkit include FULL SOURCE CODE at no additional cost.
About Gnostice eDocEngine
Gnostice eDocEngine is a generic, 100% VCL electronic document creation
component suite. You can create rich electronic documents in over 20 popular
formats, including PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, Metafile and
many more. eDocEngine tightly integrates with all major reporting tools such
as QuickReport, ReportBuilder, FastReport, Rave Reports, AceReporter to
produce crisp output in the 20 formats, WITHOUT a single line of code.
eDocEngine also supports exporting from Express Printing System, TRichView,
ThtmlViewer, GmPrintSuite and other VCL products. Support for TMS controls
is coming soon.
Why eDocEngine is the preferred solution for rendering reports?
* Vector Chart and Metafile rendering ensures sharp scalable
graphics in the generated PDF, RTF or other supported format. Also
ensures files are extremely compact and easy to distribute.
* RichText is rendered as RichText (not image) in all document formats
ensuring crisp documents that can be text searched and scaled without
loss of quality.
* Advanced features for PDF output include, compression, encryption,
TrueType fonts, font embedding, font sub-setting, international
characters (European, Chinese, Japanese...), bookmarks, notes
annotations and more.
* All standard and custom controls are exported, without the
need for extra coding on your part.
* Intelligent cell formatting in Excel and all spreadsheet formats
enables values to be encoded in the correct format, automatically.
* End-user configuration through *customizable* dialogs.
* SPEED. All engines of eDocEngine are highly optimized for high-speed
conversion of reports.
* Use one product for all your electronic document creation needs -
Export from any Delphi/C++Builder reporting tool and other VCL
components, cutting cost and reducing learning time.
Why use eDocEngine as your generic electronic document creation tool?
* Generic engine gives full control to create any kind of document
and add custom content to each page after it has been saved.
* Single programming interface enables documents to be coded just
once and output to all 20 supported formats.
* PDF AcroForms support enables you to design richly formatted PDF
forms with support for buttons, checkboxes, lists, edit controls,
JavaScript actions and more.
* Advanced drawing functions include support for drawing tables,
paragraphs and textboxes with a single method call.
* Paragraph control enables automatic multi-line text alignment to
left, right, center or justify.
* Header and Footer control.
* Extensible, well planned architecture enables speedy and clean
implementation of new features, new formats and support for
rendering from new 3rd-party VCL components.
* High-speed rendering of metafiles and commands.
For more information on eDocEngine, please visit:
About Gnostice PDFtoolkit
Gnostice PDFtoolkit is a powerful, 100% VCL PDF document management,
manipulation, and PDF eForms processing component set. PDFtoolkit supports
filling and reading of PDF forms, compressing, securing, appending and
merging of multiple PDF documents, stamping, setting bookmarks, and many
more functions that can be performed on PDF documents. PDFtoolkit operates
on existing PDF documents and can even create new ones by extracting pages
from existing documents. With the help of PDFtoolkit developers can embed
powerful PDF document management functionality right into the business
applications they develop, making the applications more efficient and
independent of other external software.
PDF document management tasks automated within your Delphi applications
* Automate reading of filled PDF forms and capture data accurately in the
format you want, processing thousands of forms in seconds.
* Automate filling of PDF forms with constant data or unique data picked
up from any data store, and distribute the filled forms in one go. An
indispensable feature when you have to process and email thousands of
forms to users across the globe.
* Stamps and Watermarks - apply markings that can appear on or below
document content to indicate specific uses or restrictions on the
document such as "Confidential", "Draft", etc or set the company logo
as a watermark on all pages or selected pages of the document.
* Automate extraction of document meta data (or document information) and
save it to a data store, enabling fast searching and retrieval based on
document information elements. An extremely useful feature for
implementing document archival/retrieval functions in your applications.
* Perform any kind of PDF document management, manipulation and
reorganization task in batch or real-time from your application to
automate document workflows.
For more information on PDFtoolkit, please visit: