ANN: SUISkin new skins released and the discount

2004-07-26 05:57:26 PM
Sunisoft released new skins for SUISkin v1.1! (Purchase SUISkin standard only for $39 USD!, the
special price will finish at the end of July)
Some snapshots for new skins:
MSN Messenger:
MediaPlayer 10:
SUISkin is the easiest-to-use VCL skin component for Delphi & C++Builder. It
provides you the ability to make skin-supported application automatically.
You will never spend many time on programming skin supports.
Using SUISkin, you need only:
* One component
* Two properties
* Three steps
One component
SUISkin provides only one component for powerful skin capability. That's
Two properties
TsuiSkinEngine component only have two properties: SkinFile(String) and
Three steps
Only three steps can make your application in skin.
1. Drop a TsuiSkinEngine on the form.
2. Set the SkinFile property to a skin file and set the Active property to
3. Run your application.
That's all.
Then your standard form and controls will be skinned. And if you want to
make it unskinned, just set the Active property of TsuiSkinEngine to False.
The skin files for SUISkin are compatible SUIPack (another skin control from
Sunisoft). And the skins are mostly designed by our UI artists. Please note,
we not only provide the UI controls, but also UI design!
The trial edition for Delphi 5/6/7 and C++Builder 5/6:
More information please click: