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[ANN] Team Coherence has been updated

2005-12-19 09:09:33 AM
New updates of Team Coherence Server and Client ( are now
Server Update
The most significant change in Team Coherence Server 7.2 is the new
Repository structure. The new architecture of the repository dramatically
improves reliability, maintainability, and performance.
Each file revision is now stored in its own file. This dramatically
increases the capacity of the size of an individual revision, removes the
previous limitation on archive size (previous versions stored all revisions
for a file in a single archive file), and increases performance.
In addition, the new server is highly tolerant of missing revisions,
allowing them to be archived to alternative media and deleted to save disk
Client Update
Team Coherence Client ( takes advantage of the new repository
format to add the ability to purge unused revision information and also adds
the ability to remotely control TC Server. The new client does not require a
server update, but the additional functionality will only be available if
connected to a 7.2 repository.
For a full list of changes, see the change history:
Upgrading the Server
The upgrading of TC Server from 7.1 to 7.2 is a one-way process. For this
reason, we advise that you test the upgrade using a copy of your existing
reposiotory before fully comitting to version 7.2. If you want to test
version 7.2 before upgrading existing 7.1 repositories, install Team
Coherence in a different folder, or on a separate machine, and use a copy of
your existing repository for testing.
For information on copying repository data, see:
If you are installing this version over the top of a v7.1 release of the
server, you *must* upgrade your existing 7.1 licenses before you can gain
full access to the repositories.
The Client upgrade to version is available FREE for all registered
users of Team Coherence and GP-Version.
The Server upgrade to version is a paid upgrade.
To upgrade existing licenses, follow the instructions here:
o Update Notifications
o What is Team Coherence
o About Quality Software Components
o Web Site
Update Notifications
We have added a new page to our web site to allow existing users and
interested parties to request notification or update their contact details.
This page can be found at:
On this page, you can request notification, change your EMail address, and
ask us to remove you from the notification list.
Any information you provide us is for our internal use only. No details will
be passed on to other parties.
What is Team Coherence?
Team Coherence is a flexible and cost effective solution that helps to
manage projects for all sizes of development teams. Depending on your needs,
you can start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool for as little as
$149. As your needs or development team grow, Team Coherence will grow with
you. Add issue tracking and build management at any time, or extend
functionality with the built-in API.
For more information, visit:
About Quality Software Components
Quality Software Components is a UK based company specialising in tools for
software developers. Their stated aim is to provide tools of the highest
quality at a reasonable price. Quality Software Components is currently
headquartered in Stirling, Scotland.
Web Site
Our web site contains further information on Team Coherence and other

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Ewan McNab wrote:
New updates of Team Coherence Server and Client ( are now

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