INFO: IBProvider v3 [build 779] [beta version]

2005-06-15 06:41:15 PM
Hi All.
New in v3
1.Reorganization of SQL-queries preparing algorithms.
Exclusion of usage of marker parameters parser for the
following queries category:
- DDL-queries.
- Transactions and savepoints management queries.
- Create/drop database queries.
Now for execution of DDL-inquiries about creating
stored procedures and triggers it is not required to
apply additional efforts to change named parameters prefix.
2. Arrays saving error is fixed.
Changes in v1/v2 [build 1795]
1. Length of BLOB-data column changed from -1 to MAX_INT.
It solves ADOExpress problems connected with setting empty
strings into BLOB-data parameters.
2. Improvements in OLEDB-types converter
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Dmitry Kovalenko