ANN: Softland releases novaPDF SDK 3.0

2006-03-28 09:31:51 PM
Softland is pleased to announce the release of novaPDF SDK v 3.0.
Main changes in this update:
- Send generated PDF files by email, using SMTP or default email client
- Added user interface localization
- Extended NovaPdfOptions interface in novaPDF SDK with new options and
- Added A3 form
- Use smaller port names (NVP3)
- CID Fonts corrections
- Corrected Word image rectangles
- Other bug-fixes in printer driver and SDK
For more information, visit:
Direct Download (~ 6.7MB):
This update is free to all CBuilder Developers of novaPDF SDK.
About novaPDF SDK
novaPDF SDK is a PDF software development kit that software developers can
use to add the ability to create PDF files in their own applications.
novaPDF SDK includes:
- a COM interface for customizing novaPDF options. Any option that can be
configured in the novaPDF Printing Preferences dialog, can be also
configured with the COM interface, including profiles management.
- a silent installer for novaPDF. This silent installer can be integrated in
the installation program that uses novaPDF SDK and this way novaPDF will be
installed with customized options, without any user interaction.
- novaPDF SDK documentation.
- several code samples on how to use novaPDF SDK (samples available in C#,
C++, Delphi, Ms Access, Visual Basic, VBNet).
novaPDF SDK can be integrated both in server and desktop/client
applications. For server applications there is no need to install novaPDF
Printer on the client machines.
Being distributed as a COM object, novaPDF SDK can be integrated in any
Windows application, no matter the language it is programmed in (C/C++/C#,
Visual C, Delphi, .Net, ASP, Visual Basic ...). It requires about 20Mb of
free space and works on Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server.
Integrating novaPDF SDK in another application will give users a chance to
use all the features of a professional PDF printer driver: customizable
resolution, quality settings, PDF security, PDF links, embed fonts,
compression and much more.
Availability and Pricing
novaPDF SDK is fully functional with no time limitation. A notice is printed
on each PDF page mentioning the novaPDF. The notice will be removed when
developers buy an application license and use the registration key with
novaPDF SDK or if they print from computers where novaPDF is registered. If
novaPDF is registered on every computer that uses the software it was
integrated in, there is no need to buy the license for novaPDF SDK.
For information on pricing and purchase, visit:
About Softland
Softland is a privately held company founded in 1999 that provides a
complete range of custom software development and consulting services,
offering cost-effective, innovative and practical solutions in client/server
architecture and Internet solutions.
Softland provides complete software development lifecycle services, as well
as maintenance for systems after implementation. Services include project
management, software design, software development, quality assurance,
documentation and technical support.
Claudiu Spulber