ANN: Diagram Studio v1.5

2003-10-16 10:58:27 PM
We're e{*word*277}d to announce the availability of Diagram Studio v1.5 at for Delphi 5,6,7 and C++Builder 5,6
With Diagram Studio you can build all kinds of diagramming, flowcharting,
graphics design, layout applications.
Main features:
- Full block customization: pen, brush, color, selection color, minimum
width and height
- Block text customization: horizontal and vertical alignment, font, word
wrap, clipping
- Customizable link points in blocks
- Support clipboard operations
- Block gradient, shadow and bitmap
- Inplace block text editing
- Full line (link) customization: pen, source arrow shape, target arrow
- Block rotation supported (including text, bitmap and gradient)
- TDiagramToolBar component for easy diagram editing with no line of code
- Diagram snap grid
- Diagram background image (stretched or tiled)
- Diagram rulers
- Diagram printing and previewing
- Saving/Loading diagram to/from file and stream
- Diagram zoom in/out
- Open architecture for building custom blocks and lines inherited from base
- Helper class TBlockDrawer for easy custom drawing on custom blocks
- Lots of ready-to-use TAction descendants available for specific diagram
clipboard operations, object deletion and inserting, zooming, and more
What's new in v1.5:
- TDiagramPolyLine object
- TDiagramControl.TextCells property - blocks can have multiple text cells
- Captions (text cells) for line objects
- Improved text editing when vertical alignment is set to vaCenter or
- public TCustomDiagramLine.Handles property allow to set lines position
from code
- BringToFront and SendToBack methods
- Keyboard events OnKeyPress, OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp added
- Multi-purpose TDiagramControl.Obj property added
- Hint, ShowHint, ParentShowHint properties in blocks
- Improved print preview rendering
- Print button in preview now opens printer setup dialog
- Cursor property in diagram controls
- TAction descendant objects for easy add interface actions to diagram
- New actions supported: Show/hide left ruler, show/hide top ruler,
show/hide snap grid,
change shape (block) color, change line (pen) color, block picture, bring
to front,
send to back, change arrow shape, change text font.
- BorderColor property
- New flowchart blocks: TFlowCommentBlock, TFlowListBlock, TDatabaseBlock
- New Electric blocks: TCapacitorBlock, TLampBlock, TDiodeBlock
- Minor bug fixes
- EXE demo included
A fully functional trial download can be obtained from
for Delphi 5,6,7 and C++Builder 5,6
Kind regards,
Bruno Fierens / Wagner Landgraf
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