Re: WebBrowser and IInternetProtocol (problem solved)

2004-06-10 10:57:04 AM
YAY!!! Its fixed.
For the reference of all you poor guys in the future to experience this
problem and be reading this message months down the road..
SEARCH KEYWORDS: IInternetProtocol TInternetProtocol Start
INET_E_USE_DEFAULT_PROTOCOLHANDLER access violation mshtml.dll
BUG: in some implementations of IInternetProtocol, having
IInternetProtocol::Start() return INET_E_USE_DEFAULT_PROTOCOLHANDLER can
cause an access violation from within mshtml.dll or other related areas.
CAUSE: It has been confirmed as a Microsoft bug in mshtml.dll that
occurs only if your IInternetProtocol is implementation is
SOLUTION: Change your IInternetProtocol implementation to aggregate
supporting rather than returning CLASS_E_NOAGGREGATION in your class
THANKS TO: Jean-Marie Babet and Remy Lebeau and Igor for your wonderful
help in finally finding the source of this problem!