Create two instances of COM objects on separate EXE. Is it possible?

2004-11-09 11:19:30 PM
Lets we have a COM object implemented inside EXE. Now I want to create
several instances of this COM object from my program. But I want all
COM objects running on their own EXE's - not one. How I can have
pointers to interface of all COM object in my program.
Code example:
TCOMItest t1;
TCOMItest t2;
t1 = Cotest::Create(); // exe with Cotest starts
t2 = Cotest::Create(); // need another exe with Cotest to start
Thanks in advance for any answer.
ps. The reason for this: my COM object requires a lot of space of
virtual memory. Loading several objects I run out of 2 Gb - which is
limit for a program in Windows.