A Digital Community: http://www.fluidImages.com

2003-08-12 07:18:16 PM
A Digital Community: www.fluidImages.com
Welcome to fluidImages::com...
fluidImages::com Mission Statement:
fluidImages::com is an interactive, user-driven digital community
primarily dedicated to the art and science of computer graphics and 3D
digital animation. It also caters to developers and astronomy
fluidImages::com was conceived as place where 3D-animation and
computer graphic artists can get together to share ideas and
fluidImages::com demographics:
The typical fluidImages::com user is a CG amateur or professional.
They are striving to become artists, modellers, lighting specialists,
background designers, character animators, compositors, programmers,
managers, and technicians.
fluidImages::com is striving to become your choice for learning and
sharing all aspects of Computer Graphics packages or Astronomy
information, techniques, and fun!
Welcome, enjoy and learn!!