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QuickRpt.hpp error

2006-04-18 01:08:30 PM
Dear Sir:
On BDS2006, open a project (create by BCB6,), while compile show a error:
QuickRpt.hpp: E2090 Qualifer 'Qrprntr' is not a class or namespace name
The error line code as below:
Qrprntr::TQRPrinter* FQRPrinter;
I check the file QuickRpt.hpp is locate at C:\Program
Please help.

Re:QuickRpt.hpp error

I believe the Quick Report headers that are found in $(BDS)\include\vcl are
there by mistake. Quick Report is no longer being distributed by Borland.
If you need Quick Report then you will either have to purchase a license or
find out if QUSoft can provide you with a free version for BDS2006.
- Clayton