Possibly OT - Spam blocker (but using VCL)

2004-02-15 01:47:37 PM
I, and I am sure, most readers of this group are absolutely fed up with the
amount of spam the seems to invade the inbox each day.
I am looking to write a spam filter (actually a POP3/SMTP proxy) that will
look at a list of 'acceptable' addresses and let only those into the inbox.
Anything that is not on the 'acceptable' list can go into a spam box for
perusal (to look for any possibly genuine email), or optionally deleted
right away. This can be done by looking at the headers before even
downloading the complete message from the server. If the message is a
definite 'reject' then it can be deleted from the ISP's server directly,
thus saving bandwith.
I dont't know if my situation is uniqe, but I have a fairly fixed list of
contacts that I deal with on a daily basis, and pretty much everything else
that comes in is spam.
I would also look to having the program structured in such a way that any
email that is sent out may either automatically or interactively have the
it's receiver's address added to the 'acceptable' list. This should help
with emails from mailing lists etc,
My questions are:
1. Does anyone else think that such software would be useful?
2. Is anyone aware of any such software already in existence?
3. What POP and SMTP components (VCL) would you recommend for writing and
app such as this?
Any comments/suggestions welcomed.